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Raincloud offers a range of engineering services from VMC Group with experienced licensed engineers in BC and Alberta.  

Overturning Calculations for Wind and Seismic

Certified packages for restraint in seismic zones or for outdoor equipment subject to high wind loads.

Steel Frame Design for Wind and Seismic

In seismic zones  or high wind situations support rails are not adequate.  Engineered frames with cross bracing are required to prevent damage 

Pipe Riser Expansion Design

Riser designs using anchors and guides to allow for movement due to thermal expansion.

Vibration Design and Analysis

For more complicated design challenges involving vibration in critical spaces.

Inertia Base Design

Inertia bases designs for equipment large and small for providing a rigid support surface, for lowering the centre of gravity or for additional vibration isolation.

Structural Analysis and More...

Whether you require finite element analysis or engineering for shock/blast, the skilled engineers at The VMC Group can help.

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