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Our Story

Raincloud Noise and Vibration was built to serve the construction industry by providing industry leading products in vibration isolation and seismic restraint, technical expertise and vibration isolation troubleshooting. We provide engineering by registered professional engineers to meet the most stringent code requirements and specifications, design solutions for the most demanding acoustically driven designs, and have decades of industry experience.  

At Raincloud we believe that everyone deserves to live, work and play in an environment that promotes our overall wellness. Proper acoustics play an important role in achieving this goal.   Whether you need the right products to eliminate unwanted noise from vibrations, a design to keep sound from a loud space out of a quiet space, or if you have an existing noise problem and need a turn key solution, we can help.


From building codes, to isolation efficiencies there is a complicated web of information that must be fully understood in every acoustically driven project.  At Raincloud we specialize in nothing but noise, vibration and seismic restraint and our team will ensure the success of your projects.


With experienced staff having worked in noise and vibration for over 20 years, combined with the backing of The VMC Group with a more than 100 year history, there is little we haven't seen.  

On time and on budget is the mantra of every project manager and we make achieving this goal easy by offering exceptional service and by leveraging technology to provide the fastest turn around for engineering and for tracking your projects at every stage. 

In the end it is all about people and their enjoyment with the spaces they inhabit.  We provide the right solutions for your projects because our team has been doing it for decades.

Founded in 2021, Raincloud Noise and Vibration comes from the vision of co-founder Tony Adamson. Raincloud takes on the acoustics of a building throughout its life cycle.  We start by collaborating with architects, engineers and contractors to provide the best solutions for noise, vibration and seismic restraint during new construction, renovations, and tenant improvements, with products and engineering services from our partner, VMC group.  As a building ages, noise and vibration problems can start to manifest in mechanical or electrical equipment. Noises that were always there can become a nuisance when a space is reconfigured and a custom solution is required.  We have the technical expertise and testing capabilities to provide a turn key solution for our clients.

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